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Living With Coyote is fiscally sponsored by Filmmaker’s Alliance, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. All donations made to the film are tax deductible. You can donate using the box below. Thank you in advance for your support!

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We will have an online store available in the future as soon as we have merchandise available for the film. Please also stay tuned for other fundraising and support opportunities, like raffles, auctions, and events. We do accept in-kind donations if you have a product or service you would like to offer the film, and can potentially offer tax deductions for them soon. Things like hotel and flight vouchers, equipment, and food items, will all greatly decrease the film’s budget. Send us an email using the contact form on the contact us page of the website. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for your support!


The short film format, typically 5 to 40 minutes in length is ideal to showcase talents of rising filmmakers and to expose their work to a wide audience. The end goal is to succeed in larger distribution of the film, which is sometimes difficult to acquire.

So, why support an independent film?

Independent film cannot exist without people like you who are willing to invest in the arts and make sure that important stories like this one stay relevant in our community.  Your support can make a difference.

And why support a documentary?

When supporting a narrative (fictional) film, you are investing in the filmmaker, the cast, and the story in hopes that it picks up and receives noticeable distribution. When you support a documentary, you are investing in all-of-the-above plus its relevant content. When the documentary ends and the credits roll, the complications of coexistence with coyotes will still exist.  This is not only a chance to invest in something that may do well in festivals, but it is also a chance to be part of a bigger picture.

Some other luxuries that come along with investing in Living With Coyote include:

  •       Telling your friends that you invested in a film screening in festivals
  •       Your name will be listed in the end credits and online
  •       You will receive your own DVD or BD of the documentary
  •       You may have logo integration in the credits
  •       You are involved with nature

It is up to you how you would like to support the film, and remember there is no such thing as a small pledge. Every pledge, no matter its size, makes a huge impact.


Production budgets, even for a short film, can be quite expensive. The budget for Living with Coyote was carefully formulated to suit the needs of the production, while not going overboard on unnecessary expenditure. Compared to a narrative production, the crew and equipment is quite skeletal and of course shooting digital saves on equipment costs.

Other savings will appear from:

  • No actor rates or fees
  • No set construction or production design costs
  • Minimal equipment (camera, lenses, mounts, audio equipment, lighting go kit)
  • Crew is personally invested in project and working on a voluntary basis

Along with the savings listed above, Living with Coyote will apply for sponsorship with various companies as well as finishing grants to assist in lowering the costs while maintaining a professional support system.

Despite this, the production team still requires fundraising support, which is why we turn to people like you to help us make our way to the finish line.


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