Living With Coyote



Living With Coyote, a short documentary, follows generational sheepherders and urban biologists in the American West who share a common topic of concern: coyote presence. With rural coyotes predating on lambs in the Rocky Mountain ranges and urban coyotes feasting on garbage, small pets and fruit trees in suburban/urban areas, killing the problem coyote seems like a great quick fix. Contrary to this belief, there is no simple solution. Living With Coyote delves into the complexities of keeping our wild neighbors on the land that we share and raises awareness on the importance of human responsibility and stewardship.



“Though coyotes try our patience they’re a model animal for learning about adaptability and success by nonhuman individuals striving to make it in a human dominated world.” -Marc Bekoff


Originating in the Southwest US, coyotes now inhabit the vast majority of North America. As coyote sightings become increasingly common, people would like to know how to respond when they see one. Living With Coyote is important because it can be used to inform the public about coyote behavior. Additionally, it will allow individuals to connect with nature and form a better understanding of rural and urban coyotes.

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